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Facebook pages are places on a Facebook that are organized around some idea or topic. Unlike Facebook groups where people share ideas, connect and contribute to a particular topic or idea, Facebook pages allow entities such as local businesses (places), an organisation or a company, a brand or a product, a form of entertainment, an artist or a public figure and causes (community) to show informations to the fans. Latest Facebook statement describes pages as a public profile that allows you to share your informations and products with users.

If you would like to let people know about your company, association or products you should create a Facebook page, tool which serves to get in touch with fans and customers.

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The procedure to create a page is almost identical as the procedure to create a facebook group.

Basic differences between Facebook Pages and Groups

Using groups you can send mass messages directly into members Facebook inboxes, while Facebook Pages provide better search engine optimisation when it is used together with Static FBML application. That doesn’t mean groups will have zero opportunity ranking in Google, because content in each group is, after all, the most important factor. Value would be rather significant.

The most important feature in Groups and Pages is the opportunity to publish stories to members and fans through a news feed. Stream stories will be seen by all members or fans and Facebook users will see each update of groups or pages on the main stream (front page of each profile).
There is also ability to target stream posts based on location and the language that you have to type in.

You can put all the different types of languages depending on the linguistic area of fans. You can publish content to international users using American English, or you might have mostly people from South Europe as members/fans, so you will need to publish news in a language that is widely used in that region. Anyway, provide your fans with appropriate and relevant information.

Send updates via Facebook pages

Another interesting thing on Pages is targeted updates. As an administrator, you can send an updates to all page fans about fresh content. Those updates will show up under the Message tab (when you click on a Message, you will see Updates on separate tab).

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Not a long time ago, Updates could be seen in a separate tab under the Messages tab and you didn’t need to click on the Messages tab to see the Updates tab as you need to do now.

Use applications on your Facebook page

Most valuable ability of a Facebook Pages over Facebook Groups is using facebook applications. With those applications, administrators can entirely customize their pages.

Event inbox messaging cannot be done by administrators of a Facebook Pages. Instead, there is Page updates. You can send an update about new events and the updates will appear with the other notifications on your homepage. The problem with that solution is that many of the fans will not see the notifications. Facebook Groups have an advantage over Pages because of this good option.

But…Facebook Pages have one of the biggest value features named “Page insights”. Page insights provide page creators (administrators) information about demographic trends of their Facebook Page. This information shows how many fans visit the page each day, the number of likes and comments, the number of clicks on each video or post and similar information that helps administrators to improve their pages.
One other advantage of Facebook Pages is promotional widgets.

This is the Facebook Funbox widget that helps in the promotion of a Facebook Page. Facebook Groups don’t have this possibility. With this widget you can promote your website through a page (fans will stay on pages and you can send them an updates).
Pages also have the ability to change usernames in the address bar, that is called vanity URLs. Vanity URLs are simple URLs that are the path to your address (for example, the brand is a Coca cola, so you vanity URL can be www.facebook.com/coca.cola) that help to easily promote Facebook Pages.

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