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Facebook groups are another form of social interaction. Each group promotes a specific interest that certain people endorse or share and there are a whole lot of groups. Having that in mind, groups are a great way to promote different agendas, talk to people with whom you have common interests, share views or just get all your friends into one place and organize a party. They are versatile and easy to manage.

Groups are run by admins, who have supreme authority over their existence and the way they function. They make the decisions about the content and the topic of the group, as well as allow people to join. The admin also has the authority to remove and/or ban members from the facebook group. The person that makes facebook group automatically gains the admin status, but additional admins can be appointed later by the current admin.

Register facebook account to join facebook groups

Any and all members, admins, users must have register Facebook accounts. Otherwise they can’t access and join the group, although if your privacy settings are set on open, they can view all group content.

To create a group on Facebook, first click on the „Create group“ icon on the left side of your home screen.

create group

After you click on it, a new form should appear on your browser screen. It contains three elements (Group name, Members, Privacy) and it looks like this.

group name

The textbox called „Group name“ is pretty much self-explanatory. You choose a name for your group and enter it in the predetermined textbox. An often overlooked feature is a small icon on the left of the textbox. Upon pressing, it exposes a drop menu with different small icons. You can choose among these icons the one that best represents your facebook group. That icon will show itself next to your groups’ name on the groups’ page and every time the group information shows on a wall or home page.

Invite friends to facebook groups

Next is a big textbox with the tag “Members”. By entering their names into it, you can add (invite) those friends to your group as soon as it’s created. No need to rush and invite every friend you have, since it can also be done after the group is formed. But remember, you can only invite a person once. If he or she declines the invitation and after that changes his or hers mind, he or she must find the group and request admittance as do other, non-invited people in order to join.

You have to invite at least someone. Facebook automatically blocks your attempts at making facebook groups if you try to make an empty group, with a message: “Please choose friends to add to your group.” Keep that in mind. It saves some frustration when you do this by yourself. Also, group exists only while it has members. When the last member leaves, providing that the creator is that last member or that he already left, it automatically deletes itself.

Open, closed and secret facebook groups

The next setting is Privacy. It serves to determine who has access to your facebook groups. There are three possible settings: “Open”, “Closed” and “Secret”. If your privacy settings are set on “Open”, anyone can see the group, who’s in it and what the members post on the wall. “Closed” privacy setting means that while any Facebook user can see the group and who are the members, only members may post on the wall. If you want your group to be really private, “Secret” is the choice for you. This setting allows only members to see the group, its members and their posts.

When you make a group, it first looks like this.

facebook groups

Don’t mind the lack of content, you can add it as you go along, as well as edit all the group settings. This is what the first edit page looks like.

basic group information

Groups give access to several tools, such as group chat and creating documents and events.

Group chat is limited to groups that have 250 members or less. You can chat with all the members in your group, no matter if they are or aren’t your friends and providing that they are online. To start chatting, just go to the group page and click on the button named “Chat with Group”.

Creating documents allow for collaborative writing and creating. All members have access to such group documents and they are allowed to edit them.

Creating events is also very easy. Click on the “Create an event” button to start. After you do that, you’ll see something like this:

create event

The only thing for you to do know is fill in the necessary information and select guests. Although, if you want to, just check the option “Invite members….” And Facebook will automatically invite all the members to the event.

This is the basic information about creating and using Facebook groups. Enjoy!

Facebook Groups
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