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Apps on Facebook help you to get more familiar with biggest community network in the world. App is a shorter form of the word application. Therefore, we use a shorthand expression for easier understanding. Globally, apps can be installed on your Facebook account, assuming that you have previously undertaken steps to register a Facebook account – integration of applications into your surface is a rather different thing because some integrations are hosted on Facebook’s servers and others on a particular application’s server (this part of applications hosted on application server is known as a canvas page and those apps have little restrictions that need to be passed).

facebook apps block

Applications can be found in the left sidebar of the home page (immediately after log in).

The additional sidebar on the left automatically shows only the 5 most used applications but if you use the button show you can see it all. Application info section can be added to the Info tab of the user’s profile (that tab also contains contact information, activities, books, movies, education and work information… and pages that the user likes).
Using Publisher application, users manually post stories to their Feed Wall, but stories can also be automatically posted to a Feed Wall using Facebook application programming interface (API) or through Feed forms.

feed wall

Beside Feeds, there are also online stories that cannot be published on the stream. This means, too see them you need to visit your friends’ profile. Short stories are always published on Feed’s Wall and can contain photos, videos, flash or any other media.
Facebook has also built in share system that apps can use. It can be posted to a user via Facebook email message or to a user’s profile.

Also there are applications for photos, notes, messages, notifications and friend requests.
The Photos section became one of the biggest photo sharing archives on the web. Integrated photo apps allow users to create photo albums, upload photos and tag friends on them. FBML (Facebook Markup Language) controls and syncs photos with applications.
Notes are larger sized text document that can be imported to Facebook. Notes can be created, deleted, resized with Facebook API and friends can be tagged in each note.
Messages and notifications help the user to know when something new has happened and have an anti-spam character. Notifications can be user-to-user and application-to-user.
Requests allow applications to send message to users that require them to do some action. Messages most often received are friend requests and invitations.

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